Fitness for Women

Why should I study Fitness for Women?

Fitness for Women is a subject where you will learn how to be physically active, and develop the skills to maintain or improve your personal fitness. You will learn about a variety of different sports and fitness activities to help you better your physical and mental wellbeing.

Lessons will focus on practical skills, including playing games, developing basic sport skills and fitness activities. You will do both written tasks and practical work. You will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively with other students.

Fitness for Women is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills to lead a healthier life!

Where does Fitness for Women lead?

Fitness for Women teaches students the skills to improve and maintain their wellbeing and fitness goals. This knowledge can be applied to further study in Physical Education or Health.

Fitness for Women is also great for anyone who would like to get out of the classroom and be physically active with their friends!

What work will I do in Fitness for Women?

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities such as dance, yoga and wheelchair basketball. You will use these activities to reflect upon your learning and discuss your experience. You will research the health benefits of different activities and explore ways to maintain and develop your own well-being.

What do other students think about Fitness for Women?

My favourite activities were dancing and yoga. These activities made me feel more fit and relaxed, think more creatively and have more focus.

I would say one of my favourite activities was wheelchair basketball. I think it was an awesome experience to have an opportunity to play this beautiful sport and see how strong and capable people who play this sport are.

Fitness class is not only about physical health and benefits, it is also very important for our mental health and our social communication, strength and confidence. We can have a healthy lifestyle and a better future if we keep focusing on our physical fitness and know the importance of it in our lives.

Our fitness class is enjoyable and very welcoming, which gave me the confidence to join every lesson and continue my workouts. I now know what the benefits of exercise and fitness are in my life.

Where can I find more information about Fitness for Women?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: