Food and Hospitality

Why should I study Food and Hospitality?

Food and Hospitality focuses on contemporary trends and practices related to the food and hospitality industry.

In this subject, you will complete a variety of cooking practicals, and learn a range of skills and techniques; from preparing fresh pasta to making fondant flowers for a celebration cake. You will also learn about and apply safe food handling practices according to industry standards.

You will plan a menu in line with sustainable practices, and cater for authentic guests at a college event. You will investigate contemporary issues related to food and hospitality in Australia, and have the opportunity to interview chefs and professionals from the industry.

You will complete both written tasks and practical work. There are opportunities to work individually and collaboratively with other students.

Where does Food and Hospitality lead?

Stage 1 Food and Hospitality is a pathway to Food and Hospitality at Stage 2. You will also develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to work within the hospitality industry. Other pathways include further study in this area, such as an industry-based apprenticeship, traineeship or certificate course. You could also apply your learning to a university degree; in the areas of education, food science or nutrition.

Or, you can study Food and Hospitality just because you want to! There are no pre-requisites and it is a hands-on, engaging course!

What work will I do in Food and Hospitality?

What do other students think about Food and Hospitality?

It is an amazing opportunity for students to learn new and creative things about food. I like being part of a group, working and making creative and delicious food, serving it to guests and receiving positive comments which encourages me to work harder.


I chose this subject as I have worked in the industry for more than five years and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn in a different environment with different people. I have learnt skills that I am not familiar with such as in pastry, and have cooked various foods from my cultural background to develop fusion food.


I chose this subject because I grew up in a ‘foodie family’ and wanted to learn more skills and techniques in preparing different kinds of food. I also wanted to see what it is like to make food under pressure to see if I could work in the food industry. The class is like a family; we talk about the food we are making or have made, and once practicals are finished, we try each other’s food. I also like studying Food and Hospitality because you get to choose what you make, you can choose something you have made before or something completely new.


I have learnt how to prevent risks that occur during practicals, which is helpful in daily life working in a kitchen. Also, I understand the correct place to store ingredients to avoid food poisoning and food wastage. The knowledge that I have gained from Food and Hospitality will assist me further whether working at home or in restaurants. Food and Hospitality gives students the opportunity to develop skills working in groups as most of the practicals allow students to work collaboratively. In addition, it builds student’s talent to express their creativity and thinking.


Where can I find more information about Food and Hospitality?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: