Outdoor Education

Why should I study Outdoor Education?

Outdoor Education is all about connecting with nature. In this subject, you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of outdoor activities; such as kayaking, rock-climbing or bushwalking. You will learn about factors that impact the natural environment and explore strategies to improve it. You will develop skills in teamwork, leadership, organisation, planning and risk management, while building confidence, having fun, making new friends and improving your wellbeing. 

Where does Outdoor Education lead?

Stage 1 Outdoor Education is a pathway to Outdoor Education at Stage 2. You will develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to various career pathways. These include work as an Outdoor Instructor, Park Ranger, Tour Guide, Environmental Health Officer, Outdoor Education Teacher, Geologist or Biologist, to name a few.

Outdoor Education is also great for anyone who would like to get out of the classroom and experience nature with their friends!

What work will I do in Outdoor Education?

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Where can I find more information about Outdoor Education?

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