Peace Studies

Why should I study Peace Studies?

For those looking to improve their understanding of the world and their place in it, Peace Studies might be the subject for you.

Today, peace movements continue to work towards creating a world where conflict can be solved through peaceful communication, rather than violence. Students explore concepts of peace and conflict, and also engage with contemporary issues, such as globalisation, climate change and refugee flows and investigate the impact of these on achieving peace.

Where does Peace Studies lead?

This course can lead to further study or work.

You may have interest in studying further at a university level. If this appeals to you, you may have an interest in international relations, human resources or law.

You may also be interested to work in a non-profit organisation or diplomacy. Students will network with community organisations that work towards peace building.

What work will I do in Peace Studies?

There are three assessment types in this subject:

  1. Practical Inquiry
  2. Connections
  3. Personal Endeavour

What do other students think about Peace Studies?

Peace Studies is a multidisciplinary subject where I’ve learnt about conflict and peace and how we can build intercultural understanding. For me, I really enjoy studying Peace Studies as it has helped me open up my mind about different people and their perspectives.


I learnt about different cultures and how we can communicate with people who have opinions and values that may appear different than mine.


It is wonderful learning Peace Studies because the skills learned here can be applied in my life. These skills include problem-solving; where we learned how to identify issues and come up with reasonable solutions to them, including conflict resolution.


I’m glad I chose Peace Studies as a subject in Year 12. I truly like how this subject aims to understand peace. I learned many things including issues at a local, national and global scale.


Where can I find more information about Peace Studies?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: