Humanities and Social Sciences

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Welcome to Humanities and Social Sciences,

otherwise known as HASS, at Thebarton Senior College.

Humanities and Social Science subjects provides students with a broad understanding of the world. They encourage students to be active and informed citizens, who contribute positively to their communities, through action on current social issues that relate to personal and global challenges for the future. The Humanities and Social Sciences have defended free and independent thought, and foster fairness, equality of ideas and progress.

In studying Humanities and Social Sciences you will develop the ability to question, think critically and analytically, solve problems, communicate effectively, make decisions and adapt to change.

You can analyse world events around us by studying the pattern of the past, think critically about how power and influence shapes the present, and be equipped with problem-solving skills to solve real-world dilemmas, and contribute to our future together.

Studying Humanities provides pathways to a range of occupations including careers such as in journalism, government, communications, media studies, teaching, social work, law, Arts, politics, international studies, public service, police work, public policy, community service, research or curatorship and management.

We hope you choose to join us by studying a Humanities and Social Sciences subject at Thebarton Senior College.

Subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences

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Joshua Basford

Joshua Basford