Workplace Practices

Why should I study Workplace Practices?

Workplace Practices enables you to explore your career aspirations and look more deeply into your potential career pathway.

We explore and analyse the changing nature of work, understand how workplace practices and your personality link, and explore, through work experience and investigations, the capabilities needed to be successful in any work environment.

Where does Workplace Practices lead?

Students undertaking this course will have the opportunity to explore future career pathways, the industry and future growth of the trade or industry.

For students who have not worked before in the Australian context, you can do so under supervised work conditions. You can use this experience to develop further skills for part-time or casual work.

For those students already working part-time or in casual work, we explore the work culture and environment (what makes a good workplace), technical and employability skills, and how they can be utilised in other working or career pathways.

What work will I do in Workplace Practices?

What do other students think about Workplace Practices?

I found it helpful in understanding the type of conditions I would be working in and whether I could find work after I finish my studies.


I was able to find out how much I would make as a Plumber and I also did some work experience in the area. I am hoping to get a job out of it.


I was able to look at the issues in my industry and meet and talk to people working in an area I would like to get in to.


I found out that I have a lot of skills already and learnt how the work I am doing now can take me to other employment settings.


Where can I find more information about Workplace Practices?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: