Physical Education

Why should I study Physical Education?

This subject is based on practical activities such as badminton, basketball and volleyball. You will develop techniques, skills, strategies and teamwork related to these sports. You will also learn how to improve your fitness and learn methods that coaches use to improve players’ skills and collaboration.

Practical lessons will involve small-group practices and competitive games. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the planning and design of appropriate practices.

You will complete written or multi-modal assessment tasks to show what you have learnt.

Where does Physical Education lead?

This subject will provide students with the knowledge and skills that they can apply to further study at university or TAFE SA, including courses such as: Sports Science, Teaching and Fitness or Recreation certificates.

What work will I do in Physical Education?

What do other students think about Physical Education?

I found that doing Stage 2 PE was a great opportunity to work on my fitness and to learn and improve in a variety of different sports such as badminton, basketball and volleyball. Being in this class also helped me to gain knowledge about the theory work, which I found interesting. Overall, my experience with PE has been fun and knowledgeable and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in sports and learning more deeply about this subject.


Where can I find more information about Physical Education?

For more detail about content and assessment, view the course information: