Video Transcript

Welcome to English at Thebarton Senior College

There are a few options when choosing to study in English each have their own focus and expectations to suit your style passions and strengths.

Regardless of which English you choose you will have the opportunity to be creative, analyse a variety of texts, discuss perspectives, themes and social issues and explore communication styles and techniques. English improves your confidence and clarity in your writing and speaking. It also develops your people skills through discussions, sharing ideas and understanding and respecting other people’s opinions.

You also get to be creative but not just in writing fiction or stories; you experiment with language, you share your thoughts on your topics, you might reframe or adapt other people’s work and you also get to show your presentation skills.

Studying English is essential for any pathway. Knowing how to communicate effectively by considering your purpose and who you’re talking to will assist in all aspects of your life. Being able to evaluate concepts and situations and be confident to share your own ideas can apply to anything you are doing during or after school, in your personal life, in your further study or in any career.

Subjects in English

If you have questions about this learning area, please contact the faculty leader.