SACE Compulsories

Why should I study SACE Compulsories?

The SACE Compulsories package is designed for students who thrive in a personalised learning environment and for whom a traditional classroom might be distracting or overstimulating. Classes are small, and students negotiate topics for the subject components with the class teacher, having greater freedom to express their interests within the expectations of the SACE framework.

Where does SACE Compulsories lead?

The SACE Compulsories package provides a pathway for you to complete compulsory SACE components and develop life skills. By integrating these courses, you then have more time to focus on specialist subjects of your interest. 

What work will I do in SACE Compulsories?

The work you do will be from the following SACE subjects:

This course includes tasks that are designed around personal interest. The package is a great entry into SACE at Thebarton Senior College. It will help you to engage, achieve higher and become more comfortable in a senior secondary learning environment.

What do others think about SACE Compulsories?

The SACE Compulsories class is amazing. I’ve been to 16 schools and I have never been able to do the work on time or complete it to my full extent like I do now, thanks to the learning environment and teacher.

The SACE Compulsories class has helped me better understand my English and Maths work, and I’ve learnt so much.


SACE Compulsories is one of the classes that I look forward to. I always enjoy seeing my teacher as he’s easy to talk to, loves to help and always shows care for my wellbeing. English is one of my favourite subjects (Maths not so much). The teacher always helps and reassures me, and I’m now getting Bs for Maths! I like the teaching method and the way he arranges questions and examples as a guide for us. Overall, SACE Compulsories is a great class.


Where can I find more information about SACE Compulsories?

For more detail about the package or subject content and assessment: