Games for SACE Program

Why should I study Games for SACE?

The Games for SACE package is designed to help you to achieve your compulsory SACE requirements by capitalising on your love of video games.

Where does Games for SACE lead?

Games for SACE will help you to obtain your compulsory SACE literacy and numeracy requirements, and can lead you to further studies at Stage 2:

What work will I do in Games for SACE?

Students use their interest in, and consumption of, video games to meet the compulsory criteria for SACE, namely:

  • 10 credits of numeracy (Essential Mathematics)
  • 20 credits of literacy (Essential English) and
  • 10 credits Personal Learning Plan (PLP) or Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF)

Students will learn about the history of video games, game advocacy and advertising, basic statistics, basic finance, game narratives, game genres, and working in the video game industry.

Students will create and respond to texts, for example keeping a game journal, writing a background story for a character and analysing the themes presented in a game. They will create a survey to see what people do in their leisure time, design and budget for their dream games room, and explore potential jobs in the video game industry and how to best prepare for them.

What do other students think about Games for SACE?

Information to come.

Where can I find more information about Games for SACE?

For more detail about the package or content and assessment:

Stage 1 (Year 11) Package:

Stage 1 (Year 11) courses in Package: